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        We offer group/enterprise classes according to students’ requirements, either in the studio or to the office. We also provide the group/enterprise health consultation, like maintain health lecture,etc.

        We have already copperated with TD bank, Crossfit, International Buddhist Progress Society of Montreal, Maimonides, Kongzi School, Quezhiling Training School etc, to teach yoga course or give a lecture about how to maintain health.


         TD  Bank  Company 2019 Team Activity held at Hua Yoga Downtown Studio

        Hua Yoga welcomed TD Bank to organize corporate team building activities here on December 17, 2019. There were three main activities: Group Yoga Class, Yoga Clinic (posture adjustment) and Tea Zen degustation.


        All participants not only practiced yoga, but also learned the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), e.g. Meridian, acupuncture points, which was animated by Ms. Liu Hua (Helen). The participants had a wonderful experience while combining yoga postures with TCM. They could appreciate the different functions and the benefits of combining both disciplines.


        Finally, Ms. Sharon, who is proficient in tea way, performed a Tea Zen ceremony. It consists of tea appreciation, tea smelling, tea tasting, etc. Everyone has been charmed by traditional Chinese tea culture thorough tasting of different types of tea.


        The atmosphere of the whole event was warm and sweet. Everyone practiced yoga and tasted tea together!    


         Lecture about Maintain Health in the International Buddhist Progress Society of Montreal (BLIA)

        Hua Liu (Helen) was invited manytimes to give lectures about how to maintain health in International Buddhist Progress Society of Montreal (BLIA).  

         Yoga course in Maimodides






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