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        We provide personalized classes including private classes, include private yoga classes, Functional Customized Courses, Injury Rehabilitation Courses.  We will design the class per different requests.


        Private class

       The private classes will be based on the traditional Yoga, Chinese Meridian, acupoint(a traditional Chinese medicine) and personalize the class for each of the student about the posture, breath, guide and self-physiotherapy, therefore to enjoy the balance of life and sprite, the peace of the Yoga life. 

        Each student will be guided by the teacher one to one. Pay attention to the breath and practice the beauty and power of Yoga.

        Private class include:

           - body build

           - pre and post prenatal Yoga. Release premenstrual syndrome

 - spine support, adjust the poor posture like shoulder, neck and waist

 - endocrine support. Poor digestion and constipation


More details see the Quality Classes instruction


                                                         Private Classes

Item (60 minutes/time) Membership Price no-Membership price

Prviate Class: 1 person/time

$119.99+tax $139.99+tax

Functional Customized Courses: 1person/time



Injury Rehabilitation Courses: 1person/time

$129.99+tax $149.99+tax




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