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     Spring Festival Party in 2020

  Organize the party for celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival on Jan 18, 2020. We test the delicious food, enjoy the wonderful perfomance and play funny games together. Everyone are very happy!



    Yoga Summer Retreat in 2019

        Here comes the summer sun! Let's meet together for yoga sessions in beautiful laskeside holiday home. Let's soothe the mind and body, and feel the concept of harmony between human and nature!


           Yoga Summer Leisure Retreat in 2016       

       Remember the best time with the most beautiful mood! Blue sky, clean water, and white clouds, we meet together for Yoga, BBQ and play boat together! So much fun!
           Yoga Tea Zen in 2016 
       We have Yoga Tea Zen in the temple. We practice yoga, try delicious vegitrian food and wonderful tea ceremony. So peaceful and special...
       More details, please click the link:http://a.meipian.me/2khig9g?from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=1
        Yoga Spring Festival Party in 2016 
     All the memberships get together for Spring Festival Party. More details please click the link: http://chuye.cloud7.com.cn/16975468
         Yoga outside and Picnic in 2015:
       We go outside for yoga and picnic. More details please click the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6pi73rdB6s
          Yoga memberships conmunication meeting in 2014:
     We  get together for yoga, food and comunication, more details please click the link:http://chuye.cloud7.com.cn/4005611?mqq_source=iphoneqq
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