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  Health Yoga

Yoga health benefits can be explored only by adopting yoga as a way of life. Yoga was a system developed by ancient Indian Yogis for making the body fit and quieten the mind for the purpose of self awareness, spiritual realisation and salvation. These yogis had developed tremendous physical fitness and mental powers. Though yoga was not meant primarily to combat disease, in this modern life we are not so keen for salvation but regular practice of yoga can provide significant health benefits.
Yoga philosophy concentrates on proper functioning of all systems of our body and their appropriate coordination along with healthy mind. Once your body becomes more aware by yoga practice, you will not need any biochemistry investigations or doctors visit to tell you that you are healthy. You can feel you are healthy if you enjoy life, feel fresh when you get up in the morning, enjoy a good night sleep, have proper bowel movement, proper appetite, no stress and feel like you are having springs in your feet.

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